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Mouthy Titmouse 109780

Joanne and I can't agree on which of these little birds is the female!  Email us at wrenworks@earthlink.net with your idea for a title.  The winner, to be announced later this year, will receive a matted 11x14 picture!  Ties will be decided by random lottery.


By popular request, we're having fun with the Cardinal Convention!
You should see it in a 32 x whatever or 40 x 54 on canvas!
To quote our framer:  "It's awsome!!!"

Cardinal Convention 05969
Cardinal Convention (or... Cardinal Wannabees) 05969

On the 21st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
When it starts snowing, especially towards the end of the day, the cardinals congregate in our front yard.  One-by-one, they dive-bomb the feeder, returning to eat supper on their perches.  This scene sometimes lasts for one half hour or more.  These are fast flitters, so you better count fast before one leaves the picture!  An occasional junco or sparrow joins the feast.  The guy in the upper left was getting ready to jump for the feeder as the shutter snapped.  The lighting was rather dim, so the birds on the closest branches are out of focus.  The lens I had on the camera was too long to get the shot in one frame, so this image is actually two pictures spliced together.  Can you find the seam?

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